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Senior Pet Care Services

Routine veterinary care becomes crucial as our furry friends age. Our Lethbridge veterinarians provide targeted care to help senior pets stay comfortable and healthy.

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Promoting Good Health in Older Dogs & Cats

Maintaining optimal health, good quality of life, and comfortable mobility are three top priorities when it comes to caring for senior dogs and cats. This is why routine preventive care and early diagnosis of developing conditions are essential for our four-legged friends as they age.

Diligent care can help extend your pet's life and good health throughout their senior years. Regularly scheduled wellness exams, even when your cat or dog appears healthy, gives our Lethbridge team the chance to do all we can to stave off age-related decline.

In addition to senior pet exams, we also offer nutrition counselling to help address your senior companion's needs. This guidance can help you manage your pet's weight, health conditions, and more.

Geriatric Care for Pets, Lethbridge

Health Problems in Senior Pets

Improvements in nutrition and advances in veterinary science mean that our cherished companions are living much longer than in the past.

This means pet owners and veterinarians now face the challenge of ensuring that senior dogs and cats carry on enjoying a good quality of life as they continue to age. Early detection of symptoms and proactive care are vital for achieving this goal.

Some of the conditions we commonly see in older pets include:

What to Expect at a Senior Pet Exam

Our team will thoroughly examine your senior pet and ask about their diet and lifestyle. Testing may be recommended to gain additional insight into your dog or cat's overall health. 

Once your companion has been fully assessed your veterinarian will recommend a treatment plan to address any existing health problems and proactively address developing age-related ones.

Recommendations for your pet may include changes to their diet or exercise routine as well as medications to help them stay happy and comfortable as they continue to age.

At Chinook Pet Clinic, our team is dedicated to helping senior dogs and cats enjoy good health, comfortable mobility and an excellent quality of life throughout their golden years.

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We have served Lethbridge for more than 60 years, working tirelessly to deliver compassionate veterinary care to our community's beloved cats and dogs. We'd love to meet you and your furry friend!

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